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What Are the Most Common Causes of Male Infertility?

Not being able to conceive can be emotionally taxing on both men and women. But while we tend to think of the physical challenges of infertility as being a female issue, studies show that approximately 10% of all American adult males attempting to conceive suffer from infertility, too. 

At Urology Associates of Mobile, we specialize in treating male infertility. We understand the emotional toll that infertility can take on you and your partner. We listen to your concerns, diagnose you with our tests and screenings, and provide a customized treatment plan to change your current medical issue.

The good news is, when the cause is known, many cases of male infertility are treatable. Here’s a look at the facts surrounding male infertility, including its most common causes.

How conception works

Conception requires several factors, including:

If one of these elements suffers, you can experience infertility. If you and your partner haven’t been successful at conceiving a child, the male and the female should get tested. If male infertility is the issue, we can determine the cause so we know how to treat it.

Causes of male infertility

Several variables can cause male infertility, such as the inability to generate sperm cells. You might also have a low sperm count, or your sperm might be of poor quality. 

Other reasons include malformed sperm that dies before it can fertilize the egg. You could also suffer from genetic diseases that play a role in male infertility. 

Although male infertility might seem a little daunting, our team can help. We understand the psychological strain that infertility can have on you and your partner. When you come to see us at Urology Associates of Mobile, we treat your condition with compassion and proven methods of treatment to help you start a family.


We customize our treatments for male infertility that include the best option for your individual condition. Before your diagnosis and treatment, we consult with you first. We want you to hear your concerns and learn more about your situation to help diagnose the cause of your infertility. Once we understand why you and your partner can’t conceive, we can talk to you about the best treatment for you.

Depending on the nature of your issue, we use different procedures that might include surgery to restore the circulation of restricted blood flow or to open up blocked passages that might impede the process of conception. We can also treat infections, and offer therapies for hormones. If you had a vasectomy in your past, we may be able to reverse it.

If you suffer from male infertility, contact us at one of our seven locations in Alabama or Mississippi. You can call or request an appointment online.

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