About Us

Specializing in urological health since 1948.

In 1948, Dr. Jack Hyman decided to hang his shingle in Mobile, AL to provide high quality urologic and urologic oncologic care to the community and thus Urology Associates of Mobile, PA was formed. A few years later, he was joined by Dr. John Fridge and in 1970 Dr. Greer Megginson joined the practice. Since then, our group has grown exponentially across the Gulf Coast and rural communities in the Southeast.

Urology Associates of Mobile was founded in 1948 on the idea of providing the highest quality urologic care possible, while remembering that we do not just treat the disease state but the person as well. Seventy years later, our physicians and staff continue to complete this same mission. 

Our entire team is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest urologic and urologic oncologic therapies, treatments, and surgeries. We believe compassionate care – from the registration process to the physician experience – is instrumental to the patient experience. Providing optimal care coupled with a compassionate heart is key to our mission as healthcare providers.

Our physicians work to continue this mission outside of Urology Associates of Mobile by offering their expertise and time in a number of ways ranging from providing medical care in third world countries, and to participating in clinical research for the betterment of the many. 

We have a well-earned reputation as a trusted, experienced medical practice providing complete accessibility to our patients.

Our goals are as follows:

Ensure that we gain and keep all our patients’ trust and confidence

Our physicians and staff work diligently to maintain a respectful, trusting, and innovative environment for our patients to develop the best possible treatment plan customized to their individual needs. We combine innovative technology and treatments with human compassion to create the most effective patient/provider relationship possible.

Continue to provide advanced urology and urologic oncology treatments

Our physicians are regularly researching and learning the newest therapies and surgeries available for all types of urologic and urologic oncologic diseases. Our physicians understand that learning never stops and thus they continue to open themselves to new treatment ideas and groundbreaking procedures.

Provide value to our community at large

We believe there is more that we can offer outside the doors of our practice. That is why a number of our physicians spend their time on a number of worthy causes, such as providing healthcare to the less privileged in third world countries as well as researching and teaching new urologic and oncologic therapies that could benefit the many.