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Testosterone Replacements

Research shows that low testosterone affects 4-5 million American men, sometimes starting at the early age of 30. It can cause a decrease in your sex drive, a loss in muscle mass, and even make you lose your hair.

Even though low testosterone brings unwanted results, you can treat it successfully with testosterone replacement therapy.

At Urology Associates of Mobile, we’re board-certified urologists who can treat your low testosterone. We personalize your treatment to maximize your success according to your age, condition, and needs.

Before we can treat you for low testosterone, however, you should first know its symptoms.

Low testosterone symptoms

One of the first signs of low testosterone includes the depletion of your sex drive. Although this desire can naturally fade as you get older, you may want to keep your libido strong and active.

Other signs of low testosterone include:

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, come in to see us for an evaluation. We can talk with you, give you a comprehensive exam for an accurate diagnosis, and learn more about your desired results with treatment.

Testosterone treatments

When we treat your low testosterone, we aim to increase it with replacement therapies that raise your levels and return some of the benefits of testosterone that you’ve lost.

Testosterone replacement options might include:


We have different types of gels that you apply once a day. They come with our prescribed amount that you pump and apply to your skin, or we prescribe a gel that you put inside your nose.

Skin patch

You put this treatment on your arm or somewhere on the top half of your body, wearing one patch once a day.

Mouth patch

You place this tablet inside your mouth, sticking it to your upper gums twice a day, to release testosterone into your bloodstream orally.

Injections and pellets

These two treatments release testosterone into your body, allowing your bloodstream to slowly absorb it.

Safety and follow-up

We use the safest therapies that bypass your liver and go directly into your bloodstream to produce successful outcomes. We also monitor you throughout your treatments to make sure you have the correct dosage amount for your condition, consistently making adjustments, if needed, to achieve the best results for you.

To ensure your highest level of care, we offer follow-up consultations where you can ask questions, get answers, and let us know if the treatments are working for you.

If you have concerns about low testosterone and want to learn more about testosterone replacements, contact us at one of our seven locations in Alabama or Mississippi. Reach out by phone today or use our online appointment tool.

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