Advanced Robotic Surgery

Advanced robotic surgery is transforming the patient care experience. It allows surgeons to have access to hard-to-reach areas while performing a minimally invasive procedure with impeccable precision, control, and flexibility. This surgical option also has a track record of producing better outcomes with quicker recovery times.

At Urology Associates of Mobile in Mobile and Foley, Alabama, we’re board-certified urologists, offering advanced robotic surgery as an effective procedure that’s less demanding on you physically and mentally.

Advanced robotic surgery explained

When you hear the word “surgery,” you might have thoughts of an extreme procedure that can cause pain and a slow recovery. Robotic surgery has changed that. 

We use the da Vinci® surgical system, which is a minimally invasive robotic option. This type of surgery allows us to control three different robotic arms that hold miniature instruments that we control during your procedure. We use a fourth robotic arm to hold a 3-D camera that gives us a magnified visual of the area we’re treating. 

Rather than making large incisions that traditional surgeries usually require, we make very small incisions to create openings for the small surgical tools we use. 

We perform the surgery through our movements that get transmitted from the computer console to the instruments. The robot mimics our precise actions, delivering exact placement for the instruments to give us maximum control. We also have our surgical team assisting with the entire process to ensure you get the superior results expected.

Benefits of advanced robotic surgery

This type of surgery is beneficial to you as the patient, and to us as surgeons. For us, the system gives our team a better visual of the area we’re treating, which allows us to perform your procedure with extreme clarity. Advanced robotic surgery also allows us to treat complex issues that might be more cumbersome using more traditional techniques.

Advantages for you include:

During your consultation with our team, we talk to you about the details of the procedure to help you decide on the best solution for your condition. We aim to treat you with the most conservative method to get you back to your normal, daily routine.

To learn more about advanced robotic surgery, schedule an appointment with us by calling one of our six locations in Alabama or request a visit online. You can also send us a message if you have any questions or concerns by clicking here.

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