Urolift® System

Overview of the Urolift® System

The Urolift® System is a procedure that is done in one visit and relieves symptoms of BPH. In most cases, this will allow people to end their medications and will help you feel better. This procedure is not invasive. The main goal of the Urolift® System is to relieve any symptoms that you are experiencing so that you can resume your daily activities. This procedure is proven to work and has proven to improve the quality of life, especially compared to those that are on medications. The Urolift® System is the only proven procedure to fix BPH that will not cause erectile dysfunction.


What is the Urolift® System?

The Urolift® System works to treat BPH by lifting and holding the enlarged prostate tissue so that it will no longer block the urethra. This procedure requires no cutting, removal, or heating of the prostate tissue. This can be done in our office with local anesthesia. You will be able to return home the day of the surgery without a catheter.


What is BPH?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is also known as BPH or Prostate Gland Enlargement. This is most common in men that are fifty years or older. In BPH, the prostate gland becomes enlarged and will cause many urinary problems. Some of the urinary problems’ men with BPH may experience are: urinary tract infections, kidney problems, bladder infections, etc. There are many different procedures or medications that men with BPH can have.

There are many home treatments that can help with BPH, but in most cases treatment is also necessary. If you can take care of yourself then your symptoms will be less. It is important that you use the restroom every time that you have to. You should not hold your bladder. Some men find it useful to go to the restroom on a schedule. If you hold it, then the muscles will have to work harder. Also, some men will have to use the restroom more often if they are cold, so you need to stay warm. We also recommend double voiding, which means that you will use the restroom and then go again a few minutes later to empty the bladder completely. Of course, you should also eat right and exercise. You should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid caffeine as much as possible. Do not drink anything before bedtime, as you will not want to be up all night in the restroom.


Benefits of the Urolift® System

There are many benefits of the Urolift® System. It drastically improves the quality of life for those that have BPH. They may experience durable results with rapid relief and recovery. Many people also experience a drastic improvement in their quality of life, especially against those that are on medications. It does not cause new or sustained erectile dysfunction. It is very minimally invasive and the downtime is extremely low. It should be noted that experienced between patients may vary. You will want to speak with your physician to ensure that this procedure is the best option for you.


Risk of the Urolift® System

While this procedure is extremely safe, there are minor risks that may accompany it. Some people may experience mild to moderate pain, burning while urinating, blood in the urine, urgent need to urinate, pelvic pain, and the inability to control the urge to urinate. Most of these side effects are gone within one month of the procedure.


Why Choose the Urolift® System?

The main reason men choose the Urolift® System is because they want to get off of the medications that they are currently on. They may not like the medication that they are on because it may make them feel foggy and cause sexual dysfunction. There are not many risks that are associated with the Urolift® System.


Is the Urolift® System Right for You?

There are a number of reasons that you may choose the Urolift® System. The first reason may be that medication has been causing side effects that you would like to avoid. For example, this procedure will preserve your sexual function. This also is a good option if you do not have time to recover from a procedure, as this procedure has very minimal downtime. You may also not want to go through another major surgery because of the risk of major complications.

It is most important that you speak with your physician about your BPH and what you are wanting out of your treatment. If you are currently on medication, then you will want to note any symptoms you are experiencing and what you do not like and what you do like. We recommend keeping a notebook of your symptoms with anything. This will keep a clear layout of what exactly is happening. You can then discuss this with your physician to see if the Urolift® System is right for you.


How does the Urolift® System work?

The Urolift® System is a very simple procedure that is performed by your urologist. Your physician will place small implantable prostatic retractors on the urethra. These implantable prostatic retractors hold the prostate lobes apart. You may picture this like window curtains on a window. This is done to relieve the compression on the urethra and allows the urine to flow again like normal. You will be able to return home on the same day as the procedure.


Summary of a the Urolift® System

The Urolift® System is a procedure that is minimally invasive for men with BPH. It is performed by your urologist. It works by placing a small implantable prostatic retractor to hold the prostate lobes apart. This works to relieve the compression on the urethra. Men choose this procedure because they are experiencing side effects with their medication. They may want to return to their normal lives. The Urolift® System and a healthy diet and exercise is a great way to living a better life. Schedule your appointment now to ask our physicians if this is right for you.