In-Office Dispensary

In-Office Dispensary

How can I place a prescription refill order?

We make it easy to get the prescriptions you need. For new orders, your provider can send the prescription to us using any of the following methods:
1. Electronic prescribing at the provider’s office
2. Fax: (251) 433-1917
3. Toll-free Phone: (251) 433-1895

How can I obtain a refill?

Contact the in-office dispensary at (251) 432-3054 or toll free at (800) 543-7866 and speak with a member of our staff. All messages are returned the same day.

How can I access my medications in the event of an emergency or disaster?

If the in-office dispensary is not accessible, patients will be referred to an outside specialty pharmacy that is in network with their insurance plan within one business day. Our team will handle all of the required paperwork in a timely manner.

How can I check on the status of my prescription?

Contact the in-office dispensary at (251) 432-3054 or toll free at (800) 543-7866.

How can I get information on prescription substitutions?

In rare instances, we may be able to substitute a prescription for an FDA-approved generic alternative. If you prefer a brand-name drug, please tell your provider to write the prescription with the brand name and note, “dispense as written.” For exact costs on your medications, please check with your insurance provider.

How can I transfer a prescription to another pharmacy?

Simply have your pharmacy contact our office at (251) 432-3054 or toll free at (800) 543-7866. You may also request the in-office dispensary staff to transfer the prescription to another pharmacy for you.

How can I obtain medications that are not available at the in-office pharmacy?

Our professional team will coordinate your care with outside pharmacies or facilities to get you the correct medication as quickly as possible.

What if my medication is recalled?

Our in-office dispensary follows all FDA regulations regarding drug recalls. In the event of a recall, the affected products will be identified immediately and removed from our inventory. In the unlikely event a recalled product is sent to you, we will notify you at once. Please note that the FDA does not require pharmacies to contact patients for all recalls. In some instances, you may be notified by your provider, the drug manufacturer, or by the FDA itself. If you are concerned about drug recalls, sign up to receive recall notifications from the FDA via email at, or call the FDA at 1-800-INFO-FDA.

How can I dispose of medications?

If you stop using a medication or need to dispose of medication for any other reason, please follow the guidelines below:
1. Oral Drugs – The FDA recommends that you combine oral drugs with a foul-tasting substance (like cat litter or used coffee grounds) in a sealed plastic bag, and then dispose of it in your household trash.
2. Narcotics – For drugs, such as narcotic pain relievers (e.g. Oxycontin, Norco, or Fentanyl), the FDA recommends flushing them down the toilet. This will prevent children and pets from accidentally ingesting the drugs, which can be harmful or even fatal.

What if I have an adverse reaction to my medication?

Included with every medication is a patient information sheet that outlines the proper usage, as well as possible drug interactions, and side effects. Please note that since some medications can interact negatively with other prescriptions or over-the-counter (OTC) medications, it is very important that you let your prescriber and in-office dispensary pharmacist know about any other medicines, herbal supplements, or dietary supplements that you are taking. If you experience any of the listed side effects, or believe you may be having an adverse reaction to a medication, call 911. In addition, be sure to alert your prescriber and in-office dispensary.

How can I report concerns or errors?

If you have a complaint regarding our service or products, have not received your medication or supplies, or have any questions at all, please call us at (800) 543-7866. We will do our best to resolve the complaint within 14 business days. All complaints will be handled in a professional and confidential manner, and are reviewed quarterly by our Performance Improvement Committee.